Body Language Fundamentals To Boost Engagement With Your Videos

Body Language Fundamentals To Boost Engagement With Your Videos

How to increase your profitability by creating videos that sell using the secrets of body language

Course Summary

You've researched your niche, you know you have a great topic, and your outline is ready to go but when you watch your videos back you just aren't happy. You know your stuff, but it just isn't coming across in your videos. Or maybe you haven't got to recording yet and you just want to make your videos the absolutely best they can be from the start!

If you are excited about creating good quality videos that bring your audience back again and again then you need to consider body language. Just like in real life situations, body language impacts on your viewers' engagement with you. And we know that viewer engagement impacts directly on your profits. This course shows you exactly why, what and how to improve your videos, taking you from single digit sign ups from family and friends, to videos that create impact with your target audience

Where else can you improve your videos without spending a cent on expensive equipment?

Using these principles

1 Million views 
were achieved in 
28 days on TikTok!

This course guides you through what body language is and how you can use it to boost viewer engagement (and it doesn't matter what or even if you are selling!). It walks you through step by step how to change your mindset so your body language matches with what you are communicating. It demonstrates how to portray the interest you have in your viewer, as well as improve your voice tone and camera positioning to clearly show your confidence and authority. You may have done courses previously where it was all about the what and not the how, but that's not the case here! There is a whole section within this course on practical techniques you can use the very next time you hit record.

And as a special bonus for signing up to this course, you will receive access to the workbook for the Body Language Principles to Boost Engagement Course. This course takes the fundamentals to the whole next level!

Course Curriculum

Pippa Pech

I have spent more than 10 years working for a number of Australian government agencies as an investigator, dealing with both criminal and civil cases and holding top secret security clearance. 

My qualifications include a Masters of Criminology and Criminal Justice, including winning an award for excellence, and a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Criminal Justice). I also hold a Graduate Certificate in Fraud & Financial Investigation, a Certificate IV in Government Investigations, a Certificate IV in Government Fraud Control and a Diploma in Project Management.

Body language is fascinating and my work and study have given me an amazing grounding and some very interesting experiences; however one of my favourite pastimes is people watching.

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